Rearview Mirror

Phil Christie
Phil Christie


Midnight moon on a night muddy black as coal
Trail of dust and a heavy load
Everything I once held dear in my rearview mirror

Distant lights on the edge of town
She was shining in her wedding gown
Wipe away a lonely tear in my rearview mirror

 She loved me once more than I deserved
 But I tried to cage that little bird
 Didn't take long before she had to fly

Desert wind blows a tumbleweed up on the rise
One love grows and baby one love dies
Drive until it disappears in my rearview mirror

  She wore yellow flowers in her hair
  Sunlight around her like a prayer
  She said "I do", he smiled,  they waved good-bye

Open road stretches out as far as I can see
Satin lace staring back at me
A sentimental souvenir for my rearview mirror

2008 Lauret River Music (ASCAP)